Take the time now to plan for the future.
So your loved one is protected.

Life has its plans. Do you? Are you ready for the unexpected? What would happen to your loved one with special needs? Now you can be prepared for anything with the Dani Plan. It’s a convenient, user-friendly tool and online file system that secures your loved one’s information in one, secure place. Data encryption technology and two-factor authentication ensures that information stays private. We designed the Dani Plan with your loved one’s needs in mind.

We made it easy to share and edit daily living information with family, caregivers, doctors, and other professionals as needed. It’s a living and breathing document. Making your own personalized Dani Plan provides peace of mind and makes daily living easier too.

Meet Dani. The inspiration behind the Dani Plan.

Our first child, Danielle, was born on June 12th, 2000. Eighteen months after she was born, our beautiful baby daughter was diagnosed with autism.  When my wife, Debbie, and I realized that our child and her life would not be like we pictured, it was a scary and humbling experience.  There is no doubt, taking care of a child with special needs comes with its challenges. But it has also been a gift. Dani has taught us patience and appreciation of the simple things in life. And she has made us a stronger couple and family.

As Dani got older, Debbie and I realized that we didn’t have a documented plan for Dani that others could use if anything were to happen to us. The thought of not having all of the details of Dani’s life laid out in a way that others could understand was very disturbing.  How would they remember to give Dani her medications? How would they know her favorite foods? Make sure her phone is charged so she could play her music? Make sure she has her headphones so loud sounds don’t hurt her ears? The list of details is long.

So we started to document her plan in a Microsoft Word document.  The process was tedious, unstructured, and there was no easy way to share the documents securely. Years would go by without updating the document and we would have trouble locating it in our online files. It was like we were starting all over again.

I thought there must be a better way.  This inspired the idea to create the Dani Plan.  A simple digital tool to help guide the process, that would be in one spot, secure, and sharable for not only future guardians but teachers and caregivers as well. The tool could be used as a life tool, not just for when we are gone.

Ultimately, I believe that having a Dani Plan is an invaluable way of making sure that your loved ones and the people taking care of them have all the information they need for a happy and easy transition.  It’s the least we can do to make sure they maintain the respect and dignity they deserve.

– Joel Pearlman, Dani Plan Creator and Founder

We’re here to make the planning process simple.

When it comes to technology, it’s only as good as its customer service. At the Dani Plan, we’re here to help guide you every step of the way. Trust us to make your planning process as easy as possible.